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News Article: Posted Thursday December 12th 2013 @ 23:10. Santa Tour 2013, Use #parsippanyfire6santatour

News Article: Posted Thursday December 12th 2013 @ 23:05. December 7th House fire on River Road in Lake Hiawatha

News Update:Posted on Friday August 2nd 2013 @ 15:40. The following is an article about the fire that was extinguished by Parsippany 
Troy-Hills Fire District 6 at 03:20 on Thursday August 1st 2013 on Route 202 near Kingston Road in Parsippany.

News Update: Posted on Sunday July 1st 2013 @ 00:00. It is with deep sadness that we announce that the firefighter brotherhood lost 19 members today. Our prayers go out to the firefighters who lost their lives fighting a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona. We would also like to wish for the best to their families and communities, may they rise from the ashes of this tragedy and remember those who gave their live to protect and to serve. Stay safe out there.

News Update: Posted on Wednesday June 12th 2013 @ 20:40.  Weather Advisory for June 13th-14th 2013 reports that our area could see up to 3" of rain. This event could cause flooding in our area and in flood prone areas. Prepare to stay off the roads during this time period and if you see a flooded roadway, do not drive through this area find an alternate route. Stay safe and dry out there.

News Article: June 6th 2013, Transformer fire leaves customers without power.